30 delicious flavors of melt in your mouth goodness

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These truffles are handcrafted, individually rolled, dipped, and decorated.



Pistachio, Himalayan Salt, Grand Marnier, Espresso, Strawberry Champagne, Raspberry Chipotle, Raspberry Cardamom, Raspberry, Pumpkin, Blackberry Balsamic, Blue Cheese, Candied Orange, Cherries Jubilee, Coconut, Pina Colada, Peanut Butter, NM Chile, Mint, Meyers Lemon, Mexican Traditional, Matcha, Margarita, Maple Walnut, Mango Habanero, Irish Cream Jalapeno Lime, Lemon Lavender


1, 2 pack, 4 pack, 6 pack, Dozen


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