Truffle Packs


When there’s too many flavors to choose from, we have prepacked truffle boxes. Flavors are listed below

Our 2 count Just Chocolate truffle pack has one White Chocolate and one Dark Chocolate Truffle

Faves, a 4 count pack of best sellers includes Pistachio, Raspberry, Mexican Traditional, and Espresso

The When you’re Hot, you’re Hot  pack has 4 Scovie Award Winning truffles; Mango Habanero, Raspberry Chipotle, Jalapeño Lime, and New Mexico Chile

Chocolate and Spirits, the Spirited pack has all our liquor truffles;  Strawberry Champagne, Prickly Pear Bourbon, Irish Cream, Margarita, Piña Colada, and Grand Marnier

Sweet on and Nuts about You is a delightful 6 pack with Cherries Jubilee, Blackberry Balsamic, Pistachio, Coconut, Meyers Lemon, and Candied Orange


Just Chocolate 2ct, Faves 4ct, When you're Hot, you're Hot 4ct, Spirited 6ct, Sweet on and Nuts about You 6ct




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