House Made Lavender Syrup


Handcrafted Lavender Syrup you will never forget!
Try it in every beverage and love it.

This is a handcrafted, hand bottled, small batch artisan Lavender Syrup.  Made from real and organic Lavender (often sourced from New Mexico growers) ground and steeped.  Hand bottled from small batches to keep a high potency flavor.  Made with tradition in mind, you could almost call this old fashioned.  This syrup makes the beverage!  Add it to your coffee or latte for a pleasing and pleasant experience or add it to your Lemonade, Iced Tea, or adult Cocktail for a truly unique and amazing drink.

Sold in 12 oz and 25oz bottles…

Also possible by Wholesale for Coffee Shops, Bars, Lounges, and Cafe’s – Call for Details.




12oz, 25oz


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