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The Most Enchanting Sweets Born on the Chocolate Trail!


Call Ahead for Pick Up


We source as many local and state grown products as we can get, including New Mexico lavender, green and red chile,

artisan coffee beans, Taos Cow Ice Cream, and Santa Fe’s “Best Bagel” from Boultawn’s bakery!


Please call for custom orders, company lunches, meetings, parties, and other public or private events.

We have you covered for sweets, treats, candies, sandwiches, pizzas, and more.

Break of Day

Served All Day and accompanied with a fruit garnish and sweet bagel chip 

Green Day     $6.25 

Green Chile Cheese bagel with 2 eggs, bacon, & cheese

New Mexico Sunrise     $6.85

Red Chile Salt bagel with 2 eggs, sausage, & cheese

Chorizo Blues $6.85

Blueberry bagel with 2 eggs, lean crispy chorizo, & cheese

Bagel Call     $1.75

Served toasted or untoasted

With cream cheese     $2.95 

Pastry Call     $3.75

Raspberry Cream Cheese, Spinach and Cheese, Muffins, Turnovers, Scones, and Breakfast Breads

Quiche/Mini Bunt Cakes (GF)     $4.95

Assorted flavors

N&J Sandwich     $5.25

Toasted brioche bread, nutella, and strawberry jam


Amazing Tuna Salad     $6.95

Cashew Chicken Pasta Salad     $4.95

Spicy Olive Pine Nut Pasta Salad     $4.95

Grilled Steak Salad w/ Tzatziki Sauce     $6.85

Chips & Dips

Classic Hummus with Bagel Chips     $4.95

Smoked Salmon Dip w/ Bagel Chips     $4.95

Bagel Chips (Sweet or Savory)     $2.95


Accompanied with a fruit garnish, sweet bagel chip, potato chips

Roast Beast     $7.95

Roast Beef to remember! Wasabi cream cheese, red bell pepper, butter lettuce, and Swiss cheese on bialy bagel 

BBQ Chicken     $7.95

Rotisserie chicken with housemade spicy garlic BBQ sauce on ciabatta.  Never the same sandwich twice in a row. 

Amazing Tuna Salad Sandwich     $7.75

You will become a regular! Cranberries make it special and the croissant

Smoked Salmon Sandwich     $7.75

Smoked salmon cream cheese, capers, diced red onions, tomato on a croissant

NM Veggie & Grain Sandwich     $6.95

Hummus, New Mexico Hatch green chile, shredded red cabbage, housemade pickled carrot shavings, tomato, and seasoned mayo  on toasted 12 grain bread

Toasted Tomato & Cheese     $5.75

Warm cheese, seasoned tomatoes, diced red onions, mayo on toasted bread

ADD Bacon  .85 

NM No Parm Chicken Sandwich     $7.95

Rosemary Breaded Chicken Breast, Marinara Sauce with Hatch Green  Chile, and Melted White Cheddar on Ciabatta 

Bagel Pizza     $6.45 

Made to order, pick one or two flavors – Bagel is sliced in half

Pepperoni / Hatch Green Chile/Spicy BBQ Chicken/Bacon/Italian Olives/Chorizo/Tomato 


Ask About Daily Specials

Chocolates & Confections

Truffles     $3.95 each

12 for $40

Pistachio | Mexican Traditional | Grand Marnier | Raspberry-Cardamom | Raspberry | Cherries Jubilee | Espresso | Candied Orange | Jalapeño-Lime | Coconut | Blue Cheese | Strawberry-Champagne | Irish Cream | Mango-Habañero | Piña Colada | Raspberry-Chipotle | Matcha | Blackberry-Balsamic | Lemon-Lavender | Meyer Lemon | Peanut Butter | New Mexico Breen Chile

Fudge     $5.95/4 oz.

Just Chocolate | New Mexico Green Chile | Peanut Butter | Espresso | Pecan | Raspberry

Dipped Fudge Bars     $4.95

Raspberry | Peanut Butter & Raspberry

Caramel Corn     $4.85/4 oz.     $8.45/8 oz.

Old Fashioned | Pecan | Lavender-Pecan | New Mexico Chile | New Mexico Chile Pistachio

Sipping Chocolate     $3.95/1.5 oz.     $19.85/10 oz.

Dark European | Traditional Mexican | Peppermint | Chipotle Chile | New Mexico Lavender | Orange Zest

Brittles     $4.50/2 oz.

Old Fashioned | Pecan | New Mexico Lavender-Pecan | New Mexico Chile Pecan

Chocolate Dipped Fruit     $3.50

Candied Lemon | Candied Orange | Dried Apricots | Dried Pineapple

Nut Bark     $3.75

Almond or Pistachio

Bark Tin     $15.95

Chocolate Molds     $2.00-$8.00

Chocolate Dipped Bacon     $2.75

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries     $3.25


Available the second weekend of each month or by special order


Biscochitos (3)     $3.75

This is a staple New Mexico tradition and ours is one of the best!

Cranberry Almond (2)     $2.95 (GF)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (2)     $2.95 (GF)

Spiced Oatmeal Fudge (2)     $3.75 (Vegan)


Tres Chocolates (2)     $3.75 (GF)

Snack Attack

We have created a custom blend of sweet and savory snack mixes

Fruit Quartet     $2.75/2.5 oz.

Dried Lemon | Dried Orange | Dried Pineapple | Dried Apricot

Fiesta Mix     $2.75/3 oz.

Chile Limon Peanuts     $2.75/4 oz.

Salted Peanuts     $2.75/4 oz.

Honey Roasted Peanuts     $2.75/4 oz.

Enchanted Trail Mix     $2.75/4 oz.


Life Happens…Chocolate Makes it Better


GF = Gluten-Free

Allergy Notice: All products are made in facilities that use and store peanuts, tree nuts, flour and dairy.

Prices are based on market pricing of ingredients. Prices subject to change without notice.


Drip coffee     $2.25/12 oz.     $2.75/20 oz.

Espresso     $2.50

Artisan coffee roasted by CG Higgins

Lattes, Chai & More     $2.25/12 oz.     $2.75/20 oz.

Treat yourself to our own proprietary blend New Mexico chai

Sipping Chocolates     $3.95/1.5 oz.     $19.85/10 oz.

Dark European | Traditional Mexican | Peppermint | Chipotle Chile | New Mexico Lavender | Orange Zest

Prickly Pear Iced Tea & Lemonade     $2.25

Zia Sodas     $2.25

Locally-made, you’ll flip for Zia Sodas

Root Beer | Ginger Brew | Piñon Kola

Patrick’s Probiotics     $4.25

Locally-made, this is similar to kombucha, but better

Peach | Pineapple | Raspberry

Yerba Mate     $2.75

Ask about available flavors

San Pellegrino     $2.25

Sparkling water | Limonata | Aranciata

Mexican Coke or Diet Coke     $2.25

New Mexico Bottled Water     $1.00


Taos Ice cream     $3.75/small     $6.75/large

Mini Pastries     $1.50

3 for $4.00     12 for $10.50

Slice o’ Pie     $3.50

A la mode     $5.00

Rotating pies include: Apple Chile Pecan | Apple Green Chile Caramel | Raspberry Chipotle Chocolate

$25 for a whole pie with advance notice

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