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3rd Place Best of Santa Fe 2019 Artisan Chocolate

Established in 2019, Sweet Santa Fe carries on the respected 40-year history of local chocolatier, CG “Chuck” Higgins and his enchanting cacao legacy in New Mexico. Dedicated to the time-honored art of making traditional, handcrafted, hand-rolled, and hand-dipped chocolates and other confections, Sweet Santa Fe is located in the Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe where an expanded confectionery also includes a full-service café.

New Mexico and chocolate have gone together for more than 1,000 years. History reflects that early residents of what is now New Mexico acquired cocoa beans as a commodity for celebrations and ceremonies. 

Sweet Santa Fe is a reflection of the region’s rich history of chocolate and the only candy maker in town that still hand-rolls and hand-dips chocolate truffles.

Owners Cindy Smiles and Diana Kelley were taught the art of chocolate making by the esteemed CG “Chuck” Higgins, whose eponymous chocolate store, CG Higgins Confections, had legions of fans who flocked here from all over the world to taste his creations.

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